Watch every Doctor Who regeneration ever in 10 minutes

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 15, 2012

From William Hartnell to Matt Smith, here's a look at each and every time the Time Lord known as the Doctor has shed one dying body in favor of another.

Doctor Who is the longest-running science fiction TV show in the history of the medium, and one of the key ways it maintains its freshness is by changing the Doctor himself. Thanks to the ingenious "regeneration" conceit, the Doctor remains the same character, essentially, but takes on a new face and a new personality—basically, whichever face comes with the next actor in line.

So if you, like me, haven't watched anything before Christopher Eccleston injected new life into the Doctor—or if you've been a fan since 1963—here's a grand way to catch up.

As the Doctors get younger and handsomer, it strikes one as rather amazing how old and stodgy British TV stars could be back in the day.

(via The Mary Sue)

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