Now you can stream the premiere of Twin Peaks: The Return online for free

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Jun 3, 2017, 2:39 PM EDT (Updated)

Two weeks ago, Twin Peaks fans sat glued to their various screens as the legendary series returned for new episodes after more than 25 years off the air. Showtime's revival of David Lynch and Mark Frost's wonderful and strange world debuted its first two hours on Sunday night, then made parts three and four available to stream immediately after the premiere. That means if you were really dedicated (and believe me, I was), you could have experienced four mindbending hours of the series in one glorious weekend.

But perhaps you missed the premiere. Perhaps you weren't sure if you should spring for that Showtime subscription (or go through the trouble of borrowing someone else's). Perhaps you just didn't trust that the old Twin Peaks magic would be back, so you just held off. Well, Showtime just made things a little easier for you.

On Friday night, the network made both hours of the premiere of Twin Peaks: The Return available for free via the show's official YouTube page. It's not clear how long the first two episodes will be available, but Showtime clearly wants to pull in more viewers with the allure of free stuff, so take advantage while you can. I should warn you, though: If you're not a Twin Peaks fan already, watching this will likely just leave you horribly confused for two hours. But hey, maybe that's what you were going for.

So now you can stop wondering where Agent Cooper is now, or how Andy and Lucy are doing, or what the internet means when talking about "the evolution of the arm." If for some reason you've delayed your return to Twin Peaks, you've got one less excuse now.