Studio rep weighs in on that Schwarzenegger/Avatar 2 rumor

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Sep 18, 2013

So what does the studio know about Ahnold reteaming with James Cameron?

Nothing at all, it turns out.

On Tuesday, we heard what sounded like a very plausible rumor claiming that Arnold Schwarzenegger would launch his first collaboration with director James Cameron in two decades by taking the part of a "bad guy human general" in Cameron's long-awaited Avatar 2. At the time, it sounded like the kind of thing that definitely could happen. Schwarzenegger said recently he wanted to reunite with Cameron, Cameron's about to launch the followup to the highest-grossing movie of all time, and Schwarzenegger seems like a good fit for a sci-fi tentpole (he's definitely had success in that area before, after all). So what did the Avatar franchise's studio, Twentieth Century Fox, have to say about the rumor?

"No truth to this," a Fox rep told Variety late Tuesday.

Well, that's definitely a swift and difficult-to-spin takedown of the rumor. Of course, that doesn't mean Schwarzenegger couldn't be cast further down the line, or that he can't ever be cast in one of the three planned Avatar  sequels. For now, though, it looks like this rumor is dead.

So, with that out of the way, do you think Schwarzenegger will ever join up with Cameron again?

(Via Variety)

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