Studio reportedly 'very happy' with Sandman script, according to Goyer and Gordon-Levitt

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Dec 2, 2014

The long-awaited film adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman is slowly winding its way through development, and now the two men responsible for making it happen have offered an update.

Actor-turned-producer Joseph Gordon-Levitt is working with David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight) and Gaiman himself to put a solid script together, and Gordon-Levitt gave fans a sit-rep on the project during a recent Reddit AMA. As we’d hoped, the film is still actively in development, and it seems they have as much momentum as you could hope for at this point:

“Been doing a lot of work with David Goyer and Jack Thorne, working on the screenplay. We’ve been doing our meetings at the DC office, which is a frickin rad place to work. Also just had a great conversation last week with David and Mr. Gaiman. Neil has been extremely big hearted with me, and he’s the one I want to please most.”

In a separate interview with Deadline, Goyer was asked about the project and said they’ve received largely positive feedback from the studio in regard to their working draft of the script — not to mention Gaiman’s input and blessing. Considering this is arguably one of the hardest comics you could even attempt to adapt, that’s some excellent news:

“I hesitate to definitively say when it might go before the cameras, but the one thing different between other iterations and ours is that Neil Gaiman has been in the room with us and is a vital part of the team. We have a draft Warners is very happy with and we’re moving forward, knock on wood.”

As things have been relatively quiet on the Sandman front lately, we’re elated to hear there’s still so much confidence surrounding the effort. Some fans were worried when Sandman was absent from DC’s massive release slate, but it seems this property will (thankfully) stand apart from Zack Snyder’s Justice League-verse.

Are you glad Sandman is actually moving forward? Can anyone actually do this story justice in a different medium?

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