Stuff We Love: 3D printing artist creates gorgeous armor fit for a queen

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May 1, 2017, 9:32 PM EDT (Updated)

Artist Melissa Ng, aka Lumecluster, doesn’t work with paint or paper or any other pre-21st-century materials. No, she works in the virtual-to-actual domain of 3D printing. And what she does is simply astonishing.

Among her many projects—which include creating a prosthetic leg—Ng has produced one of the most beautiful sets of armor I’ve ever seen.

The armor, known as the Sovereign armor, took a whopping 518 hours to create (not including printing time). Ng's keeping mum on how much it cost her, but she does talk a great deal about her process on her website, here and here. It started with extensive research on medieval armor before it became an elasto plastic print-out. The result is a lovely and flexible set of armor that anyone would be thrilled to wear.

Ng is completely self taught, and her background, as she’s quick to point out, is in media and marketing. You can see this in her video, below, where she showcases her work. Yes, I recognize I’m being marketed at. And yet I want more.

Check out the video. And let us know in the comments how much you want to wear this ensemble.

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