Stuff We Love: Alex Solis’ Icons Unmasked will make you question your (super)heroes

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Feb 12, 2019, 1:00 PM EST (Updated)

Ever wonder what’s behind Batman’s mask? No, what’s really behind Batman’s mask? Alex Solis knows the truth, and it’s hardly what you’d expect.

The artist and mastermind behind the brand Oddworx credits a stint in design and web development with the evolution of his pop culture and fandom-inspired work, which I am seriously geeking out on right now (can we talk about this badass Jack Skellington laptop case?). He has since illustrated for Disney, Marvel, Sony, MineCraft, Adventure Time, and The Nightmare Before Christmas, among many others. But back to his Icons Unmasked series.

Solis’ most brilliantly hilarious series by far has been his revelation of pop culture icons for what they really are, and it’s definitely not the face of Bruce Wayne under the Bat-mask. The real identities of Marvel and DC heroes, Muppets, Disney characters, most of the Star Wars universe, and every other personality you’ve ever seen anyone cosplaying at Comic Con are revealed in eye-opening brights for that extra shock factor. Who knew the already marshmallow-esque Baymax was actually the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man before he got toasted?


Credit: Alex Solis

The mashups just keep getting better. Garfield is a notoriously grumpy cat, so it totally makes sense that his ornery orange face is hiding under the head of the world’s most ornery feline. If Tony Stark’s suit ever squeaks, you shouldn’t be surprised at what you see when he takes off his Iron Man mask. If you were ever wondering what lies beneath the gelatinous pink form of Jigglypuff, expect that other pink glob known as Kirby. Dobby the Elf is really Gollum when he’s a free elf. Beast Boy is, well, the Beast. Ronald McDonald is already so creepy he can only unmask himself as the Joker.

You can get your hands (which are really claws) on these in poster form at Gallery 1988 and other insanely cool swag at Solis’ Oddworx and Society6 shops.