Stuff We Love: Alien's USCSS Nostromo illuminated sculpture

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:19 AM EDT (Updated)

The commercial space tug USCSS Nostromo is one of the more iconic deep space vessels in the geek universe, and its utilitarian design and sheer pulling power give it instant celebrity status in the Alien Anthology.

Capably commanded by Captain Dallas in Ridley Scott's original Alien (at least until he was cocooned!), the modified Lockmart CM-88B Bison M-Class starfreighter was registered to the nefarious Weyland-Yutani Corporation operating out of Panama. It's not necessarily known for its aesthetic beauty and instead has an impressive industrial austerity that accentuates its frontline function in a galaxy rich in Outer Rim resources.



Tipping the scales at 63,000 metric tons, the 1,100-foot-long Nostromo was a burly workhorse operating as a beefy tug-ship pulling heavy loads like those city-sized automated ore and refining platforms being shuttled between colonies. Its little unscheduled excursion down to LV-426 proved to be its ultimate demise, after getting set for self-destruct by Warrant Officer Ripley to try and obliterate the nasty stowaway Xenomorph that killed her crew.


Credit: 20th Century Fox


To commemorate the famous deep-space tow-truck, the Bradford Exchange is releasing an illuminated statue of the notorious Nostromo, and it's a sight to behold!

Each collectible Alien spacecraft model will be hand-detailed to perfection for the reasonable price of $99. They're available for pre-order now and hopefully the demand will be in sufficient numbers to justify their swift manufacture. I'm crossing my fingers and clearing off a sweet spot in my comics room, just in case!



Here's the official description:

“The Bradford Exchange, Hawthorne Village Division, is excited to offer a special opportunity to reserve the Alien: Nostromo Masterpiece Sculpture, an officially-licensed sculpture exquisitely capturing the doomed ship and the dreaded Xenomorph. Pending sufficient demand, this Alien sculpture is sure to bring the horror of this landmark sci-fi film to vividly nightmarish three-dimensional life!

Impressively sized at one foot long, this Alien sculpture will be handcrafted and hand-painted to highlight its unprecedented detailing from every angle, from the ship itself to the intricate base with official logo. The Xenomorph, a pure killing machine with its whiplash tail, clawed hands and deadly dual jaws, will be poised for attack under the doomed ship. Plus, it will light up to cast an eerie green glow on the ship and the deadly creature that lurks below it.”

Have a peek at the concept images in the gallery below and tell us if you'll order one up for your personal fleet!

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