Thor Ragnarok poster by Anthony Petrie

Stuff We Love: Anthony Petrie’s hyper-real characters are in your face

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May 22, 2018, 9:58 PM EDT (Updated)

Gladiator Hulk charging right in your face. Rick’s eyeballs shooting out at a terrified Morty. Ash coming at you with a hatchet (if you happen to be undead). Anthony Petrie’s posters aren’t just an ode to fandom, but fandom in full-blast Technicolor.

Petrie himself admits to having “an unhealthy obsession with zombies”, which explains the Evil Dead thing. For 13 years, the commercial artist has been joining forces with can’t-miss names like Marvel, CBS, NBC, FOX, AMC, Adult Swim, Bad Robot, and, of course, SYFY. He’s done style guides for Ghostbusters and Rick & Morty. If you’ve seen an especially awesome movie poster lately, like that Thor: Ragnarok one, he’s possibly the brains behind it.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles poster by Anthony Petrie

Credit: Anthony Petrie

You’ve never seen the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles like this, whether in 2D, 3D, or donning space suits and bubble helmets. Robocop is crackling with red and green shocks of electricity that make you think he’s actually glowing. Hulk seems ready to smash through the computer screen that his growling face is displayed on next to his altered DNA.

The artist has also turned Homer Simpson into a donut and made Michaelangelo a sentient piece of pizza with nunchucks.

Godzilla map by Anthony Petrie

When it’s not roaring and blazing, Petrie’s art almost tricks your eye into thinking it’s something else than it actually is, until you zoom in. You may think you’re seeing an ordinary map of green mountains and rocky terrain, until you realize the borders of this imaginary place shape the threatening silhouette of Godzilla. He’s done a series of these deceptive maps, which you could probably get away with even among the most conservative décor, because it will be too late by the time even your most shark-phobic friend realizes that ocean map is actually Jaws.

The Death Star by Anthony Petrie

Credit: Anthony Petrie

What looks like an architectural blueprint may make you question why it even belongs here until the rainbow of balloons sets this house apart as the one from Disney/Pixar's Up. Those black and white blueprints? The Death Star, of course.

You also can’t possibly overlook the neon cross-section of Rick’s brain. I’m surprised it doesn’t have receptors for Szechuan sauce.

Get something that will growl at you in the middle of the night from Petrie’s shop right here, then let us know what you picked!

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