Stuff We Love: Artist Juapi Garabatos renders sci-fi characters with coffee

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:00 AM EDT (Updated)

When you hear the word “coffee,” your mind probably lights to thoughts of a dark, earthy caffeinated beverage. When Juapi Garabatos hears the word “coffee,” he thinks “artistic medium.” That’s because Garabatos eschews pastels and oils for java juice to paint his creations.

Juan Antonio Abad González, a.k.a. Juapi Garabatos, paints geeky icons, and Wonder Woman, Spock, Batman, Wolverine, Catwoman, Boba Fett, and Jon Snow are just a small sampling. Over 50 characters appear in his gallery, and each of them are rendered in glorious sepia.

Best of all, he's made videos of his works as he creates them. He starts with a pencil sketch, which he then fills in with watered-down coffee. As we see in the video, as he fills in the many fine details of his characters his coffee becomes increasingly darker and his brushes become progressively smaller. It’s fun to see each each stroke reveal itself as a wisp of hair or a curve of a lip.

Sometimes, Juapi finishes his art with splatters of coffee. With this, I can imagine a viewer who had seen the painting while drinking a cup of joe, and so mesmerized were they by the image, they were unable to control their cup. This little touch pulls the viewer into the experience.

And if the faint aroma of coffee clings to the image, the viewer will want to do more than inhale it with their eyes.

So a big shout-out to Juapi and his use of C8H10N4O2. He’s officially the only person to make Wolverine even more lickable.

Buy his fabulous art here