Stuff We Love: Blackstar Warrior deftly parodies both Star Wars and blaxploitation films

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Aug 23, 2017, 4:52 PM EDT

Dig this: Lando Calrissian is the hero of Star Wars. But instead of Billy Dee Williams, the role of Lando is given to someone like blaxploitation hero Shaft. That's the premise of "Blackstar Warrior," one of my favorite Star Wars fan trailers of all time.

"Blackstar Warrior" is the everything you didn’t know you wanted from a Star Wars blaxploitation mashup. A tough-talking narrator. Over-the-top villains. A funk-tastic soundtrack. Here, Lando is a smooth-talking owner of a fine establishment, and Han Solo is the less-than-competent sidekick. Add in a subplot of revenge, and a sub-subplot of romance, and you get the grooviest three minutes of your life. It’s an entire Star Wars adventure, writ small and with more melanin. 

My favorite line: “Space ain’t black enough to hide from him." 

Written by comic book author David Walker and directed by comic book artist Matt Haley, this 2010 trailer was made on $4,000 with the help of the 501st Legion, Cloud City Garrison. If you love cheesy ‘70s goodness and Star Wars, well, this is the fan trailer you’ve been looking for.