Stuff We Love: Castle McQuade will geek out your holiday

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Feb 12, 2019, 1:00 PM EST (Updated)

Holiday cards tend to get grouped into three subspecies: Santa, gingerbread cookies, and snow-covered everything. Castle McQuade thinks they should come in Pennywise, Gremlins and that killer T-Rex from Jurassic Park.

What crawls out of the imagination of award-winning artist P.J. McQuade when he thinks of getting decked out for the holidays is obviously anything but a jolly old elf (though he has put pretty much everything else in a Santa hat). His festively nerdy cards, ornaments and fridge magnets range from fantasy and sci-fi to monsters of horror that didn’t go back to sleep after Halloween. McQuade has previously illustrated for SYFY and exhibited his painfully awesome fandom art at geektastic galleries like Toy Tokyo Underground and Hero Complex Gallery. Now you can stick it on your fridge.


Credit: P.J. McQuade

Whether you’re a Potterhead or Trekkie, your fandom is probably somewhere under the Castle McQuade tree. For a Jedi (or Sith) in training, these are the cards you’re looking for, from Santa Yoda with a snow beard to Chewie in antlers trying to pass as a shaggy overgrown reindeer. The Santa alien from X-Files will make you want to believe. If you’re still trying to get over Game of Thrones withdrawal, forget that Elf on a Shelf and put the Imp on your shelf instead. Gollum can lurk in any Tolkien diehard's stocking. Labyrinth fans will want this deliciously evil Jareth to hang up as the world falls down.


Credit: P.J. McQuade

The messages vaporize all those annoyingly merry and bright greetings that have probably been invading your mailbox. You really can’t get much better than “Wampa in a Winter Wonderland” or my personal favorite, Pennywise trading his clown costume for another kind of red suit and luring you into the sewer with “We’re all festive down here.” You can always go with “Hodor” if you’re unsure of what to say to some twice-removed relative you haven’t seen since the Clinton era.


Credit: P.J. McQuade

I’m just waiting for McQuade to unleash a Stranger Things line…maybe next year.




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