Stuff We Love: Coloring my way through the Mass Effect universe

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Mar 25, 2021, 7:00 AM EDT (Updated)

There’s quite a market for adult coloring books these days, so it was only a matter of time before BioWare’s RPG video game series Mass Effect received the treatment.

Released earlier this year by Dark Horse, the Mass Effect coloring book from ThinkGeek (which sent over a copy to review) features 45 black-and-white illustrations for fans to color. Each one is inspired by characters and scenes from both the Mass Effect trilogy and Mass Effect: Andromeda, though there are more from the former than the latter.

Accompanying each image is a classic quote from the series that will take you back to memorable moments from the games. The paper feels thick enough that you can probably use almost anything to color in the book without worrying too much about any bleed-through, but since I only used pencils (which weren’t a problem), I’m not completely sure. If you use markers, I’d do a quick test before committing to coloring in an image with them.



The ThinkGeek version of the book features an exclusive variant cover showing Andromeda’s Peebee and is only available at ThinkGeek and BioWare. While the illustrations are impressive, a few bothered me in how much they strayed from looking like the characters we see in the game. The art is supposed to be inspired by the franchise, so it’s clearly not meant to look exactly like the characters and is instead the illustrators’ versions of them in fun styles. Still, the difference — while small — was enough to bug me slightly for certain characters.

I didn’t mind this too much, though, for one image, which has become my favorite: an illustration of the entire Mass Effect trilogy team together. In fact, it just made me want to restart the first three games immediately.

The coloring book is available at for $14.99.