Stuff We Love: Combining our love of space and our candy craving with these planet lollipops

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Jan 4, 2018, 12:03 PM EST

Space may be the final frontier, but it can still have a beautiful and delicious presence right in your home thanks to these planet lollipops!

As soon as I spotted these space-inspired treats on the UncommonGoods website, I fell in love with them. The homemade lollipops are created by Heather Kelly and come in a set of 10. They represent Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and the Sun. Each one also has its own unique, different flavor. These include tropical punch, cherry, cotton candy, pear, key lime, guava, blackberry, mango, strawberry/kiwi, and marshmallow.


What makes these treats stand out the most though is their art. Kelly makes these lollipops in Illinois and each one features a stunning 2D image. The breathtaking art is sure to make you almost feel bad about eating them, though I doubt I will be able to resist the lollipops for too long! Kelly creates other custom edible art as well. She has her own business called Vintage Confections that sells more space-inspired lollipops along with other designs. The business even offers a customize option so if there’s a space or other geeky image you want on a lollipop you can see if they can make it a reality.

While I’m eager to explore those other options at some point too, for the moment these planet lollipops are topping my must-get list. Whether you know someone who loves everything about space or you just want to get a cool treat for yourself, you need to take a look at these beautiful tasty candy creations!