Stuff We Love: Conjured Spin Creatures resurrect vinyl using Ouija board and fidget spinner

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:21 AM EDT (Updated)

Vinyl records have been resurrected in a whole new way with a fidget spinner and a Ouija board.

No, this isn’t a seance, but rather the spooky surrealistic work of New Zealand artist Carl Ingram. He spins a record covered in swirls of different oil and acrylic paints on top of a Ouija board propelled by one of those fidget spinners that you’ve been seeing everywhere lately (this is arguably a much cooler use of them than the fidget spinner wallets that have recently been swarming Kickstarter). After whatever mysterious spirits determine how the beginning of the image will manifest, Ingram follows the more defined spirals and splatters with his paintbrush and morphs it into a new species of Lovecraftian life form.

“Ever since I started doing fluid acrylic pours on records, I thought it would be fun to do a pour while the record was spinning,” Ingram says of these oddities on his website. “I finally got around to doing it by rigging up a fidget spinner to a Ouija board and a record.”


Credit: Carl Ingram

Ingram’s Conjured Spin Creatures, as he calls them, range from "Blind—It Came From the Eclipse" (which could only be described as the eyeball of a space octopus) to "The Hapquatic Eye Fest," something tentacled with eyes on stalks that no doubt oozed out of the unholy depths of R’lyeh. "Subatomic Soul" is eerily reminiscent of a Japanese yokai. And something is peering at you through tendrils of poisonous vapors in "It Lives Inside."

The artist, who has been eternally fascinated with the bizarre and the occult, seems to love adding eyeballs and appendages in places where they look like they would spawn from, after the spinning dies down. Veins and whorls of paint that result from the process only add to the far-out vibe.

These records from another dimension aren’t Ingram’s only art; he also creates some incredible paintings such as "Knight of Staves," which is a demonic, clown-like entity whose body is a fiery carousel. Then there's "State of Love and Dust," a vision of a multi-armed entity in a plague doctor mask spraying something unknown into the universe.

Every Conjured Spin Creature is one of a kind, so wrap your tentacles around one before the next Deep One does.