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Stuff We Love: Watching the TARDIS disappear on this stunning Doctor Who mug

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Mar 14, 2018, 5:54 PM EDT

There are many different ways you can make enjoying a beverage geeky, including drinking from a themed cup or even a tiki mug inspired by your favorite franchise. I love using geeky mugs for my coffee and tea, and one of my favorite go-to choices is my Doctor Who disappearing TARDIS mug.

The TARDIS mug is a joint creation of the BBC and the Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild. The mug features two different images. One is of an English street while the other is of space. When there’s nothing in the mug or when it’s holding cold liquid, the TARDIS stays on the English street. Adding hot liquid, however, makes the TARDIS slowly disappear from the street side and reappear on the space side. It will stay there until the liquid starts to cool and then slowly it starts to fade and will be back on the street. I was surprised by how much I received a kick out of watching the TARDIS disappear the first time I saw it. Frankly the only thing that would make this mug any cooler would be if it could also somehow include the noise the TARDIS makes when it travels.

I’ve had the mug for a few years now and it’s held up well, despite some of the images chipping here and there. Even with that though, the TARDIS image still disappears promptly whenever I make something hot to drink and appears on the other side of the cup.

This disappearing TARDIS mug isn’t the only geeky cup that features a fun element that reacts to what you put in it. In fact, there are quite a few others you can find inspired by different franchises or other geeky subjects. The Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild even has more options including a Star Trek transporter mug, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Cheshire cat mug, and a dinosaur mug. It’s definitely an area worth exploring if you’re looking for a new cup for your collection.

If you’re interested in this TARDIS mug, you can find it at the BBC Shop or on the Unemployed Philosophers Guild’s website.

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