Stuff We Love: Etsy is filled with an infinity of fabulous Infinity Gauntlets

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May 2, 2018, 2:30 PM EDT

If you're a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you'll know that each film is a piece of a larger puzzle, and the puzzle to be solved is the Infinity Gauntlet. Thanos, whose solution to overpopulation is more of a Final Solution, has spent the entirety of the series thus far tracking down the six Infinity Stones to craft the universe's most powerful hand adornment. But the artisans of Etsy can hand-make you fantastic versions of the same glove. And you don't need to unleash the Chitauri to acquire one.

Phoenix3Dcraft will 3D print you a version with a built-in backlight, so the Infinity Stones can shine with their ominous, reality-bending light. The fingers are articulated too, which gives you a solid grip as you crush your enemies. The Etsy-er will even craft it to your specific hand size, so each gauntlet is yours, all yours. Take that, Thanos. This gauntlet is going for $550.


ArtCrist has an impressive-looking gauntlet, but unlike the screen-accurate versions, this one is based on a soft glove (see it for yourself, in this video). While the previous piece looks more durable, after hours encased in a metal cage, trust me, your hands will feel it. This modified glove looks far more wearable than a pure metal one, allowing you to destroy worlds in comfort. That comfort will cost you $135.


JEKCrochet sees the softer side of the Infinity Stones with this crocheted version of Thanos' metallic gauntlet; JEKCrochet also incorporates gems into the glove, for a touch of authenticity. For $90, this item will keep your left hand cozy warm as you enjoy the morning sunrise. (Side note: JEKCrochet has also crafted an adorable Harley Quinn doll, which you should feast your eyeballs on immediately.)


DizzyStitchin has created a more casual version of the Infinity Gauntlet, one you can wear on the streets. And as you walk through town, your neighbors will be blissfully unaware that you're sporting ultimate power on your knuckles. There are no stones in DizzyStitchin's piece, only knitted knobs. But it keeps the price down to a more manageable $12.07.


I admit, my favorite of these isn't a glove but a more creative interpretation: This charm bracelet by LifeistheBubbles. Each charm isn't a stone but a clearly labeled bottle, and each name corresponds to the correct color — not something every Etsy creator is mindful of. Best of all, the chain itself contains the sideways-figure-8 symbol that we recognize as “infinity.” Spot-on screen-accurate is good, but this bracelet is clever, and I'll take clever any day.


Also, for those who want to celebrate Avengers: Infinity War yet lack enough of a thirst for ultimate power to wear a gauntlet, there's always this necklace by WildHeartCo.


Best of all, these Etsy sellers can guarantee an Infinity Gauntlet with 99.99 percent less death and destruction. I'm not saying 100 percent — those crafting supplies can be deadly in the wrong hands.