Stuff We Love: Etsy seller Megan Lee brings art and science to your home

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Apr 13, 2017, 3:02 PM EDT

It’s rare for me to find an Etsy shop where I adore absolutely everything the creator sells. Megan Lee’s is a wonderful exception.

Artist Megan Lee creates minimalist art celebrating scientists and their discoveries; her pictures contain nothing but the scientist’s name, the year of their birth, and a picture that encapsulates their contribution to knowledge. She sells them as t-shirts, posters, magnets and postcards, but it’s the art prints that caught my eye. Even with simple drawings and muted colors, they manage to be bold.

In a cool bit of organization, some of these prints are arranged by topic, so you can buy an art print of, say, microbiologists or women scientists.

According to her Etsy page, Megan Lee wrote,

In Feb. 2010 I watched a biography on Nikola Tesla that sparked an intense interest in science and inspired an idea for combining my love of art and love of learning. I began designing and selling art prints relating to educational and geeky topics…. Now here I am - using art to (hopefully) inspire science awareness and to celebrate the joys of learning, reading, and showing off your geek pride!

See that? She hopes to inspire scientists. Maybe one day, she’ll be putting your name and discovery in her collection.