Stuff We Love: Etsy seller's space jewelry is out of this world

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Mar 26, 2021, 8:00 AM EDT (Updated)

If you’re wearing jewelry, wouldn’t you rather adorn yourself with something that makes you feel attractive and makes you think? Obviously, the answer is 1 in binary (true). That’s where Etsy seller YugenTribe comes in.

YugenTribe makes jewelry for the astronomy-minded. They first caught my eye with their “phases of the moon” necklace. The necklace itself is a simple circle, but you can snap in one of five magnetic disks, each of which displays a different phase of the moon. So depending on your mood or the calendar—or even a menstrual cycle warning to your nearest and dearest—you can swap in the appropriate phase. It’s like five necklaces in one.


Not wearing the other phases? Place them on your fridge and give your grocery list galactic importance.

YugenTribe also sells double-sided moon pendants, so you can permanently celebrate two events at once, such as the day of your birth and your wedding date. (You can determine the phase of the moon with this calculator.)

But that’s not all there is to YugenTribe’s creativity and eye for the astronomical. They also make solar system necklaces and stackable solar system bracelets and rings. Also, their moon jewelry isn’t just limited to Earth’s, as you can see here, with this moons of Jupiter necklace.


Don’t care to limit yourself to our solar system? They make jewelry, including money clips, lockets, and pocket watches, with a variety of galaxies and nebulae. Even the Voyager Golden Record has a chance to shine against your earlobes or shirt cuffs.

These pieces are smart, sexy, and affordable, which is the best combination in the world—or any other planet.


(Via YugenTribe)