Stuff We Love: Fandom feet bookmarks are a step beyond for bibliophiles

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:22 AM EDT (Updated)

Books are often the gateway drugs to a fandom. Therefore, bookmarks that look like the feet of a certain iconic character that you may or may not been for Halloween or cosplayed as at a con are vital to keeping legions of fans addicted. It’s science. FunnyBookmark has perfected that science.

Because really, what Tolkien devotee wants to mark where they left off on the road that goes ever on and on with just a scrap of paper or an expired coupon? You want hobbit feet. Hairy hobbit feet. Oz fans need the striped legs and ruby-slippered toes of the Wicked Witch of the East—by the way, in the book those infamous shoes are actually silver. You won’t need Dorothy’s house slamming down from a cyclone to make it look like you squashed her all over again every time you shut the book. And you don’t want to scare the blood out of your veins when you realize you don’t have Samara from The Ring to mark the latest horror novel that’s going to keep you up until dawn.


You might always pass a display of bookmarks at the B&N checkout (maybe I noticed that because I virtually live there), including some from the Star Wars universe, but the Dark Side of the Force has never been as strong as it is with one featuring the Dark Lord’s disembodied legs. Alice in Wonderland might be a thing from fashion to trippy Tim Burton films, but what even someone who’s fallen really deep into the rabbit hole probably doesn’t own is her legs dangling from between the pages of Lewis Carroll's acid-rainbow fantasia. Potterheads, there’s some magic for you too. You don’t need to wander to the back of a sketchy bar and find the awkward door to Diagon Alley just to hold your place in The Sorcerer’s Stone with Harry’s feet ready to take off beside a broom. And yes, I believe it’s the Nimbus 2000.


By the way, did I mention it’s Samara's hair-obscured face that crawls out from between the pages? Funny Bookmark may specialize in fandom feet, but they apparently also know how to freak you out with the other half of the human body. Not that Samara is exactly human.

Please make something involving tentacles (those qualify as feet, right?) to feed my insatiable Lovecraft obsession, and you will forever have me as your thrall.