Stuff We Love: Fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss is a geek doing good

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Jun 20, 2017

Patrick Rothfuss is a mystical unicorn. The otherworldly author behind the Kingkiller series conjures fantastical stories where science and sorcery collide, dragons can be subdued by music, fairy folk mesmerize mortals and an orphan left for dead on the streets transforms into someone powerful enough to call the wind by name. He cosplays as a gnome to San Diego Comic Con. He also founded Worldbuilders to work a different kind of wizardry.

Worldbuilders came into being (almost) accidentally in 2008 when Pat held a photo contest that had such an epic turnout, he wondered what would happen if he could turn that enthusiasm towards his favorite charity, Heifer International, with a wave of his hand. Heifer provides gifts of animals to people in need along with training on how to raise a goat that provides milk and cheese or bees that produce honey and pollinate future food sources. Impoverished communities flourish from the sale and trade of these products that empower them to become self-reliant.

Pat makes magic happen through the most unapologetically geekiest, most unfathomably amazing fundraiser throughout the Four Corners of Civilization.

Geeks Doing Good merges the awesomeness of fandom swag (think everything from signed books to a Stranger Things cross-stitch) with charitable outreach. You can even roll the dice on how you want to contribute. Make a donation and instantly get entered into a lottery to win a piece of dragon treasure, buy something directly via the site, or bid on an auction. You’ll be a part of this superhuman effort either way. Last year every last gold, silver and copper piece of the $2.25 million in profits went directly to Heifer International. Missed it? You can always get your hands on magical artifacts from his store, and profits still benefit Worldbuilders.

Oh, he was also brave enough to shoot this video of himself singing—for charity.

Can you get why I idolize him now?


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