Stuff We Love: The fur is strong with Petco's Star Wars Pet Fans Collection

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Jun 13, 2017

Do you have a Sith-tzu or C-3Poodle? Or a Chewbacca who needs something out of this world to chew on? Whether you’re on the Dog Side or the Cat Side, Petco’s Star Wars Pet Fans Collection has the squeaky droids you were looking for.

Ever since the collection emerged from deep space and San Diego Comic Con in 2015—that promo shot of Darth Vader holding a hopelessly confused cat is priceless—four-legged Yodas and feline Princess Leias have been crawling around the universe. Not to mention creatures chewing on Vader (he deserves it), Kylo Ren (he also deserves it) and Yoda. Or the bone printed with the late Jedi Master’s sage advice: Chew This You Will. Think leashes to put your pet on the the Light and the Dark side, rope light sabers, pet costumes that double as hoodies, and plush mice masquerading as Han Solo in carbonite.

For all the furry sidekicks who ever attacked your Star Wars action figures or basked in the otherworldly glow of your TV as you watched Return of the Jedi for the umpteenth time, these wearables and chewables from far, far away are for them.

If your dog really is Chewbacca, put this furball hoodie on him and everyone in your galaxy will think he’s the real deal.

You will do as the Master says, because this bone is just too tempting.

When you tell your cat you love her, don’t be surprised if she purrs back “I know.”

Your furry Leia may not be able to rescue Mouse-Han this time, but she won’t keep her paws off him.

Reenact that scene where Luke is running through the jungles of Dagobah with Yoda on his back.

To unleash the Force, just chew.

Not to mention the creepiest thing ever, an LED stick Darth Vader that lights up with every bite.

My own creature could pass for some sort of alien and fit right into the Mos Eisley cantina, so here’s hoping they make bird toys next. He'd shred the Death Star.

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