Stuff We Love: Game of Thrones gloves let you know winter is coming, but only when it’s cold

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Nov 17, 2017

“Winter is coming” is the motto of House Stark from George R.R. Martin’s saga A Song of Ice and Fire, aka HBO's Game of Thrones. It’s both a threat and a promise. A threat, because the Northerners embody winter’s ferocity, and a promise because winter will happen eventually.

But here’s the problem with the world of Ice and Fire: Seasons are irregular, and its inhabitants never know when the seasons will begin or end. Here, we have but to glance at our Game of Thrones wall calendars to know what season to expect. We also know in order to survive winter, you’re gonna need to protect those digits. Sure, you can have sweet mittens knitted lovingly by your grandmother or blasted out by a hipster buddy with a penchant for woolwork.

Or you could have these glorious gloves.

I got these late last year courtesy of HBO, and they did not disappoint. They kept my paws warm in 22F (possibly lower with wind chill) and dry when I managed a snowball toss. They may not be as rugged as gloves dedicated to lumberjacking or whatever activities people do in the winter, but I can honestly say they worked for me. Plus, they're cozy on the inside, just like ... no, I can't think of a comparison. There's nothing in Game of Thrones that's cozy on any side.

Best of all, these gloves, made by Freezy Freakies (a revived brand from the 1980s), are temperature-sensitive. When the temperature drops below 40F, the words “WINTER IS HERE” appear on the backs.



That’s right. Winter is here. My gloves are bringing it. Boo-yah.

These gloves are made possible thanks to thermochromic ink, which is typically made with micro-encapsulated liquid crystals. In other words ... They’re. Science. Mittens. They’re Game of Thrones science mittens, people. How can I not love them?

Why aren’t you wearing them now? Why aren’t you going into battle wearing nothing but these, like the Celts?

Don’t you know you should be ready for battle? After all, winter is coming.

You can find these gloves on HBO.

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