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Dec 7, 2017

Geek Fire Labs is the laboratory of nerdy notions, potions, and brews dreamed up by Nikki Ward, who brought her obsession with genre fiction, anime, and video games to a line of inspired perfume oils, wax melts, lip balms, and more that will make you say that was exactly what I thought that would smell like!

Because you now absolutely have to know what that smells like, just scroll down and follow me through the portal.

*awesome press samples sent for review; all opinions are my own unbiased fangirling*


Credit: Elizabeth Rayne


Wax Tarts

Want your room to smell like Wonderland? The Weirwood Grove in Game of Thrones? That field of roses in some alternate dimension where the Dark Tower’s menacing spire pierces the heavens? Wish granted. The hand-poured paraffin and soy wax tarts by Geek Fire are infused with amazing scented oils for fragrance that lasts much longer than a spray of air freshener. All you have to do is break off a piece or two, drop them in your wax warmer, and get lost in the otherworldly aromas of far-off realms and parallel universes.



Credit: Elizabeth Rayne

Gunslinger’s Tower: I remember trying to imagine what the essence of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower novels would smell like as I read them, and I think Nikki nailed it with this enigmatic blend of Roland’s worn leather, the rose that could be the nexus of every existing universe, and a memory of sandalwood and tonka perfume that is the ghost of Susan Delgado.



Credit: Elizabeth Rayne

Weirwood Grove: Venture far north of the Wall and inhale air heavy with snow and pinecones, crimson leaves and birch bark that bleeds red sap. This smells like the crossroads of autumn and winter. You don’t have to be a greenseer to be mesmerized by how the last amber-y warmth of summer lingers in the background while snow swirls mercilessly around the trees.



Credit: Elizabeth Rayne

Wonderland: Yes, I do have synaesthesia, so the only way I can describe this is as a scent that’s as trippy and colorful as what lies beyond the rabbit hole. Rainbows of orange and pink grapefruit intertwine with mysterious tendrils of jasmine and sandalwood that will give anyone walking into your place the same sense of wonder Alice felt in the shadows of Tulgey Wood.



Credit: Elizabeth Rayne

Yubaba’s Bathhouse: This somehow manages to be both relaxing and refreshing at the same time and gives you that luxury spa feeling without the mean old witch who runs it. Citrusy yuzu and Satsuma orange float to the top of an overflowing bubble bath that soothes with exotic sea salts and watery notes of lotus and aloe. It would make even Noh Face want to get clean.



Credit: Elizabeth Rayne

Lip Balms

Because sometimes you don’t need a lip balm. You need a lip balm that puts you on board the MIlennium Falcon, or in the Forbidden Forest, or twirling around in a creepy ballroom after being abducted by the Goblin King. Geek Fire’s all-natural balms are insanely moisturizing, cruelty-free and love your lips back with cocoa butter, shea butter and vitamin E. Believe me when I say that my lips can get drier than Jakku and these things work wonders. They also smell so tempting you’ll want to devour them. But please don’t.

Goblin King’s Gift: Admit it, you’d be Jareth’s queen if he offered you this in return. Well, maybe this and your baby brother. As a tribute to the poisoned peach that suddenly landed Sarah in the middle of a goblin ball, it smells like heavenly (and dangerous) peaches and cream.

Leia’s Buns: This is the lippie you were looking for. Because Leia’s hair probably smells like space dust and motor oil, what it looks like was instead the inspiration for the scent, which really makes you think there are fluffy cinnamon rolls baking somewhere in this galaxy.

Patronus: Expecto white chocolate! At least, that’s what Nikki imagined Harry’s patronus would smell like if such an ethereal thing had a smell at all. I agree, and I love how this white chocolate scent with a breath of mint isn’t cloying like actual white chocolate. It actually smells better than the real thing.

Unicorn Blood: Everyone knows the blood of a unicorn is made of cotton candy, caramel, vanilla and grapefruit, which is exactly what this magical balm smells like. No wonder Voldemort got so addicted he ended up forever immortalized in this meme.

Disclaimer: no unicorns were harmed in the making of this balm or the matching perfume.

Zombie Kisses: Being undead myself, I have to say that while I love them all, this one is my absolute favorite. The strangely awesome combo of lime with a chaser of rum and a twist of apricot also smells much more pleasant than the groaning hordes of an actual zombocalypse.



Credit: Elizabeth Rayne

…and the perfume oil that made me know what it is to ride a unicorn.

Unicorn Blood: If unicorn blood were to smell like anything besides cotton candy, it would be cotton candy on steroids. Because you can’t possibly conjure a unicorn without cotton candy, but you can make the magic even stronger with vanilla frosting, caramel, and shimmering white wine and pink grapefruit. The lighter notes that dance on top of all that sugar to keep it from being tooth-achingly sweet and make it sparkle (in an olfactory way). Unicorn Blood smells like candy and fairy tales and nostalgia and glitter.

Find your fandom and see what it smells like right here. Oh, and Nikki now has Stranger Things geekiness including El’s Waffles lip balm and The Upside Down wax melts. You’re welcome.





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