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Stuff We Love: Geeky book lovers’ candles by Frostbeard Studio

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Sep 18, 2017

If you’re anything like me, you probably love the smell of old books, from the aged leather bindings down to the dusty yellowed pages from which it seems words could jump out like magic.

Frostbeard Studio has gone beyond that with their literary candles. While they do make one that literally smells like a library stacked with old tomes (there’s also Bookstore, if you were wondering), they’ve also managed to capture fictional characters and fantastical places in jars of wax. These also come in tarts for those of you who burn that way. Close your eyes, inhale, and you’re there. Something about scent just transports you to the far corners of imagination in a way that visuals sometimes can’t.


For Potterheads, Headmaster’s Office is a woody scent that couldn’t possibly go without a hint of lemon drop, and Divination Classroom is a mysterious incense and black tea blend with actual black tea leaves that you can read at your own peril as it burns down. Pumpkin Juice and Wizardy Buttery Drink speak for themselves. If you’ve fallen in love with The Night CircusLe Cirque de Reves is the illusion of caramel corn, roasted chestnuts, and the tendrils of a distant bonfire. The Shire is the One Candle to rule them all for Tolkienphiles. Game of Thrones fans still going through withdrawal after that epic Season 7 finale can take an olfactory dragon flight to Winterfell. Don’t Panic is, appropriately enough, fresh towels.


There is even — it actually exists — Trashy Romance Novel. It’s appropriately pink and smells like booze and shame (okay, peach schnapps, citrus, and cherry blossom).

If you’ve ever actually read a book next to a glowing candle, you know how spellbinding that can be. The added dimension of scent heightens the experience that much more when you actually smell the valleys of Middle-earth or the winds of winter. Light any of these and ignite your imagination.

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