Stuff We Love: Maintain your TV habit AND your current wardrobe with geeky exercise games

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Apr 10, 2017, 4:32 PM EDT

Drinking games are for college students and for DC Extended Universe fans who want to drink their pain away. But some of us are older now, and getting our drink on isn’t as appealing as sprawling, unmoving, on the sofa while our trained pets bring us snacks.

Why don’t you get off that sofa and exercise? Because it’s boring and painful, that’s why. But you can make it fun with exercise games.

Exercise games are what you think they are. Take a drinking game, but instead of taking a drink when one character uses a familiar catchphrase, you do crunches. Or squats. Or burpees.

I love exercise games. Of course, I also loved drinking games wherein I substituted chocolate for liquor. But if I want to fit into my clothing, I need to keep my weight under control. Exercise games let me maintain my television habit and my current wardrobe.

Not only that, exercise keeps you in good physical condition, so you can live longer and watch more television.

There are a slew of exercise games online at The Buff Geek for multiple fandoms. They don’t require a great deal of space and absolutely no equipment. If you don’t know what a burpee is or the proper form for a sumo squat, I found Fitness Blender has a great resource for individual exercises (and full routines as well).

Don’t want to miss a single subtle moment of your favorite show? Here, you can find an exercise game for the commercial breaks.

The meatsack you haul your soul around will thank you for taking care of it.