Stuff We Love: Ghouls go wild in the art of 'Ghoulish' Gary Pullin

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May 16, 2018, 9:04 PM EDT (Updated)

If you’re a diehard horror fan, you’ve seen the nightmares Gary Pullin can spawn, regenerate, and reanimate — possibly on one of your DVD or Blu-ray covers.

“Ghoulish” Gary Pullin is one of the most worshipped horror artists in the underworld. If you own the re-release of Carrie, Donnie Darko, The Fly, or The Amityville Horror in your DVD collection; read Rue Morgue magazine; or remember the theatrical poster for The Babadook before you spent two hours in a dark theater being thoroughly convinced you could summon that thing with a name or a look, then you’ve been exposed to Pullin’s claws and teeth. At least the ones he draws.   


Credit: Gary Pullin

Pullin has been into scary movies since he could press Rewind. He imagines the monsters of horror in bold colors and unapologetic details, from zombie sores and stitches to fangs and disembodied eyeballs. He’s the evil overlord behind the aesthetic of Rue Morgue, which is haunted by his column The Fright Gallery (if you had no idea this wonderful magazine existed, you need to get sucked in right now). If you have a Mondo poster on your wall, a Misfits CD, a Skuzzles DVD cover, or vinyls from Waxworks and Death Waltz records, you’re probably looking one of Pullin's creations in its glowing eyes.

His Babadook cover for Rue Morgue — with its multiple faces and jaws and a knife-wielding hand embedded in a figure with empty eye sockets — is just beyond terrifying.


Credit: Gary Pullin

Just when you think you could swear in blood that you have a favorite Pullin piece, you’ll change your mind as many times as Brundlefly has legs. He channeled Cthulhu for the official 2012 Toronto film festival poster. His Waxwork Records tribute to Creepshow is oozing with decay, things from the deep, and frosting melting off Bedelia’s head. He even rendered the doomed characters of Guillermo del Toro’s vampire flick Cronos blasphemously staring out from the windows of that forever-tainted cathedral.

This could be dangerous, but if you dare to enter Ghoulish Gary's shop, where some of his creations lurk in patch and pin form, it could be the point of no return.