Stuff We Love: The sweet Harley and Ivy comic in the Love is Love anthology

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Jun 21, 2017, 9:58 PM EDT (Updated)

Love is Love is a 144-page comic anthology that was released in December as a joint venture between IDW Publishing and DC Comics. The book was created in response to the horrible Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando that occurred on June 12 last year. Organized by writer Marc Andreyko, the book features the donated work of more than 200 writers and artists, and all proceeds are given to Equality Florida to support the victims and their families. As of March, the book has raised over $165,000 so far. Whether it’s a short story or a gorgeous single page of art, Love is Love is a moving book in so many ways, but my favorite part that I want to highlight in honor of Pride Month is the short one-page comic featuring Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy that you’ll find towards the beginning.

Titled “Harley & Ivy in Love is Love,” the comic was written by Paul Dini, illustrated by Bill Morrison, colored by Robert Stanley, and lettered by Sai Cipriano. In the comic are the Harley and Ivy we know from Batman: The Animated Series. It shows the characters in a series of situations representing different completions of the statement “love is…” The panels are funny and sweet as they show the two women spending time together, often doing things that one enjoys and the other doesn’t like quite as much. For example, a panel completing the statement with “…going vegan for her” shows a content Ivy but a not quite as thrilled Harley! My favorite panel continues the “love is…” statement with “…enduring the weekly Stooges marathon,” showing Harley laughing at the TV as Ivy looks at her with a smile and folded arms. It’s adorable to see Ivy enjoying the fact that Harley is enjoying something so much. The whole comic really shows how cute and loving this couple can be!

While that’s my favorite comic, there’s a lot of other parts of the book I love too, like the beautiful image of Batwoman with the flag by Rafael Albuquerque; and the Harry Potter art illustrated by Jim Lee and colored by Mark Chiarello showing Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Dumbledore with their wands raised, the Pride flag above them, and a quote from The Goblet of Fire below them. The familiar faces of other characters are sprinkled throughout the book, but there's plenty of content not featuring characters, too. All of it will make you think and make you emotional, and you’ll probably enjoy some parts more than others. Still, it’s worth picking up to see what these talented individuals created when they came together to try and make a difference. You might shed a few tears, but you’ll also smile and feel a real sense of hope and love thanks to comics like “Harley & Ivy in Love is Love.”