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Stuff We Love: How SmallRiniLady’s paper cuts bring our favorite characters to life

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Oct 30, 2017, 5:32 PM EDT

It’s impossible not to be impressed by the skill and range you find when looking at the work of geeky artists. Some use a unique medium for creating their work while others have an unforgettable style, and all of them make me want to spend my money to decorate every inch of my apartment with their art! The latest artist to take my breath away and make me look for some space in my apartment for their work is SmallRiniLady who runs the Etsy shop RiniPaperCuts.

SmallRiniLady is a crafter and cosplayer, and I was stunned when I first saw her amazing paper cuts. According to the descriptions, the paper cuts are “designed using Scale Vector Graphics and cut using a paper cutter for precision details. Than by hand they are arranged with open space between the layers for depth and shadow effects.” The result is a beautiful piece where the way the paper stands out from the background, with each layer forming a different part of the character, makes it seem like they're coming to life! It's impressive how the layered paper characters look like they're ready to jump right out of their frames.

The paper cuts are available in large and small shadow boxes as well as mini frames. They cover a wide range of fandoms from Marvel and Disney to Sailor Moon and Pokémon. It’s not just characters that get the spotlight either. You can also get paper cuts of all four Hogwarts House crests! With colorful backgrounds and sleek frames, these paper cuts will make any wall look both elegant and geeky.

One thing is for sure. Seeing these paper cuts makes me think about how I use paper quite a bit differently!

You can see more of SmallRiniLady’s work on her Facebook and Instagram.