Stuff We Love: Incredible Indiana Jones Triptych poster

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Feb 2, 2018, 2:08 PM EST

Everyone has their favorite Indiana Jones flick, whether it's the original 1981 outing, Raiders of the Lost Ark, the graphic excess of 1984's The Temple of Doom, or the Arthurian charm of 1989's The Last Crusade.

There's even a little bit of love out there in fandom for the much-maligned Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the film that launched a manned refrigerator into the sky during a nuclear test blast.

I did say a little, right?


Credit: Lucasfilm

With director Steven Spielberg announcing that Indiana Jones 5 would be his next project and interest in the famous occult archeologist ramping up for the film's 2020 release, now is the perfect time to revisit some of the iconic images of Harrison Ford's fedora-wearing, treasure-seeking, whip-cracking pulp hero.


A rousing new triptych poster by Enter Gabz celebrating the legacy and lore of the original Indiana Jones Trilogy is being offered by Bottleneck Gallery for $50 and it's a beauty! Each 36X24-inch, hand-numbered, limited-edition work of art is officially endorsed and licensed by Lucasfilm and is screen printed using special metallic inks.

A gold-tinted variant limited to 250 copies had been available but is now sold out.


All your beloved characters are on display in this terrific triptych, perfectly composed in three separate panels featuring a striking collage of Indy, Sallah, Marion, Belloq, Marcus, Toht, Willie Scott, Mola Ram, Short Round, Henry Jones, Donovan, and the lovely Nazi spy, Elsa.


Admire Bottleneck's breathtaking Indiana Jones Trilogy triptych poster and tell us if you might try to unearth one for your own private collection!