Stuff We Love: Insane Aliens-inspired virtual roller coaster

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Jan 26, 2018

"We're on an express elevator to hell! Goin' down!" - Pvt. Hudson

Adrenaline junkies and coaster crazies will be lining up from here to Terra Haute to climb aboard this fantastic Aliens-themed thrillride created by YouTuber Hin Nya.

Engineered in Planet Coaster, the 15-minute roller coaster ride mirrors aspects of the 1986 James Cameron sci-fi classic film, and is layered with a claustrophobic gauntlet of strobing lights, dripping acidic goo, snarling xenomorphs, barrel rolls, blaring klaxons, and deadly plunges into the movie's storyline. Adding to the atmospheric blast down the rails are sound bites and musical cues directly from the Alien Anthology.



Planet Coaster was first released by Frontier Developments in 2016 and allows armchair roller thrillride aficionados and theme park fanatics the opportunity to devise, build, and share their coaster creations with other enthusiasts. Many amazing themed creations have emerged from this wildly-popular simulation game, and the twisted imaginations on display are extremely impressive.

Get in the pike, five-by-five, and strap in for this electrifying Aliens E-ticket attraction, then watch the "Making Of" video to see just how all the pixelated magic was conjured up. Who knows exactly how many hours were spent on the details of aligning track segments, installing interior modules, choosing lighting effects, and articulating the hissing Alien Queen, but we guarantee it was worth the effort!

Ready? Keep your hands and arms inside the virtual vehicle at all times, and stay frosty!


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