Stuff We Love: Join the cult of Tentacle Kitty

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Nov 15, 2017

On a planet quite unlike Earth, beyond our universe, the Pink One waits for her prey. You will soon know her as Tentacle Kitty.

That prey is the elusive alien creature otherwise known as the cotton candy mouse.

Tentacle Kitty is what you’d get if you merged the DNA of Cthulhu and Hello Kitty in a petri dish of pink sprinkles. This unnaturally adorable cat-thulhu first spawned from the brains of John Merritt as a cuter take on weird fiction for his equally Lovecraft-obsessed wife Raena, as the creator of The Pink One told SYFY WIRE in an interview at New York Comic Con. John’s out-there otherworlds Raena’s whimsical storytelling joined forces into something with many wriggling appendages. Then the story just grew more tentacles.

“She has tiny paw prints on the undersides of her tentacles instead of suckers,” Merritt explained about those ten tentacular arms. She also has bioluminescent stripes that glow purple whenever her hunger is triggered by cotton candy mice (which stiffen up into what looks remarkably like a miniature cone of cotton candy when frightened). They taste so sugary because they eat rock candy. Humans shouldn’t ingest these sugary mice, because they will experience a mild case of zombification for the next 24 hours, with a strange urge to sink their teeth into the flesh of others.


The world of Tentacle Kitty has as many tentacles as she does. Her friends in that alternate dimension she comes from are other cephalopod felines and glow-in-the-dark Mushblooms that can float and may or may not explode randomly. Her grandfather, Cat Guru, has often been mistaken for somebody else since he pronounced his name “Cthulhu” when he was really congested. Somewhere else in that universe are rainbow pests called Rat-Tailed Unicorns that sneeze glitter on lawns and poke holes in everything. Earth friends include human Violet, the self-explanatory Pirate Kitty and also self-explanatory Ninja Kitty (except he fails at being a ninja). She can be summoned using the Necronomicon.

So what will Tentacle Kitty be evolving into? She already exists in comic and plush form, with more unspeakably cute issues to come and a menagerie of cuddly life-forms, and Merrick revealed the secret that she will even be taking over your screen in her own CGI-animated movie soon. Meaning, she’ll turn you into a cultist.

Cat-thulhu fhtagn!

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