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Stuff We Love: Little Lazies are the most freakishly adorable mutant-things ever

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Sep 14, 2017, 2:20 PM EDT

Maybe the last thing you think of when you’re trying to imagine something outrageously cute is a radioactive green zombie-monster with an eyeball dangling from its socket and half its brains exposed.  

I’m here to tell you that it is, indeed, outrageously cute.

Little Lazies take the most random, bizarre and often macabre things and turn them into rainbow sculptures of unmitigated cuteness. These candy-colored monsters that totally fail at being monstrous (in this case that’s a good thing) somehow turn creepy into comical, and always with their tongues sticking out.

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Most of these are available randomly, which is kind of like playing the most awesome virtual arcade toy machine ever. I can testify from my own electric orange bear-witch Halloweirdo that you will go insane over anything you get. The Halloweirdos haven’t crawled out just yet, but there are zombies, Cyclops, pirates, Brutal creatures that could have just been rocking out at an Ozzy Osbourne concert, and Ouchies that are strangely adorable when they’re supposed to be banged up beyond all reckoning.

Sometimes creator Leah releases special editions that usually disappear faster than a zombie decomposes. Like the Scorchy Dragons I really, really, really regret missing. I tend to space out on these things. Halloween brings out ghouls like the Bride of Frankenstein and a monster mash of indeterminate masked things, while deranged gingerbread men emerge around the holidays. There have been Ewoks, a Yoclops—that’s a Yoda Cyclops—unicorns that are anything but pink and fluffy and dancing on rainbows, and even the weirdest toucan ever.


I mean, look at this thing. He has three eyes, that trademark hanging tongue, a purple witch hat and a pumpkin. He’s one of the coolest denizens of my bookshelf that has now been overrun with art toys and Pop vinyls and other randomness. Maybe I just have a warped sense of whimsy.

Then again, he does live next to Cthulhu …