Stuff We Love: Little Petal's designer using geek fashion for good

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Jun 18, 2017, 5:18 PM EDT (Updated)

Little Petal is a Brooklyn-based company that specializes in creating convertible dresses inspired by comic books and various fandoms. Founded by designer Danielle Ward, the designs are subtle enough that you can wear them anywhere, but the colors and styles will surely catch the eyes of your fellow geeks. Other than just admiring Ward’s unique designs, though, I love how this month Ward is using her geek fashion skills to make a difference in people’s lives as well.

Throughout May she’s been holding a Wonder Women Fundraiser for Planned Parenthood, where all proceeds go to the organization. From those who donate, three people will be randomly chosen to win prizes. The first will win a custom Little Petal Amazon Warrior dress with pockets, the second will win a shield from Altruistic, and the third will win a headband from Level Up Nerd Apparel. A name is entered per dollar, and the winners will be chosen on June 1, the day after the fundraiser ends on May 31.


In addition to that, Ward is teaming up with fellow geek fashion designer Jordan Ellis of Jordandené for a Geek Girl After Party at AwesomeCon on June 16. At the party, there will be a raffle featuring art and products from a number of other women in the industry. Little Petal will be giving away another dress, and other items will come from Jordandené, Espionage Cosmetics, The Art of Sara Richard, The Colorful Geek, Elhoffer Design, FanMailBox and more. All proceeds from this event are going to support To Write Love On Her Arms, a non-profit that helps people dealing with self-injury, addiction, suicide and depression. It’s a cause close to Ward, who describes herself as “an unabashed recovering alcoholic.” The party falls on her five years sober, and Ward says she owes the success of Little Petal “to the hard work of [her] sobriety” and that she’s very vocal about it “in case it helps anyone else out.”

I love that Ward is using her passion to help others and try to make an impact in causes that matter to her. It’s a worthy endeavor that shows how much good geeks can do when they set out to make a difference and join forces with fellow geeks to do so!



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