Stuff We Love: MadeYewLook is the ultimate cosplay makeup wizard

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:24 AM EDT (Updated)

Pennywise, the Corpse Bride, Jigsaw, a White Walker from Game of Thrones, Coraline’s Other Mother, the American Horror Story: Cult icon with honeycomb for brains… where can you get that mask? Wait. Zoom in for a macro look. That’s not a mask — that’s makeup.

Lex aka MadeYewLook is the makeup artist and body painter-turned-YouTube and Instagram sensation who can make you appear to be coming down with a case of grayscale or morph you into a zombie way more believable than the fake-blood-spattered hordes of living dead that come crawling out for Walker Stalker Con. If you have a supernatural amount of patience, you can differentiate yourself from all those people who throw on a mask from the Party City clearance bin. This is not just cosplay. This is cosplay on steroids with an extra shot of awesome.

So you want to shapeshift into the killer clown otherwise known as Pennywise. MadeYewLook’s version is like a screenshot of the thing from the Macroverse flashing its fangs right before it pulls Georgie into the sewer where everyone floats.

You’re going to need to spackle your whole face (eyebrows included) in white base so you have a blank canvas for all that creepy circus makeup. Expect to blend, blend, and just when you think the blending is done, blend some more. Makeup this realistic absolutely requires blending. It also needs an extremely steady hand and an almost paranormal sense of perfectionism, as you can see in all the detail Lex puts into those teeth. Black eyeliner is also going to be your best friend.

By the way, those ruffles you think she’s wearing are actually body paint.

I know what you’re thinking after getting totally lost in Lex’s YouTube channel. Did she razor her scalp off and paint her brains to look like beehive for that AHS look? The honeycomb head is actually Model Magic (!) that she molded with a hexagonal tool and painted to look like a hive swarming with bees and dripping with honey. Mind blown.

As if Lex couldn’t possibly get any cooler, she even has her own clothing line. I’m waiting to see leggings that look like zombie flesh.

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