Stuff We Love: Making breakfast adorable with this Star Wars BB-8 waffle maker

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Dec 18, 2018, 12:00 AM EST (Updated)

It’s hard to resist the charm of BB-8! The cute droid from Star Wars: The Force Awakens won us over with his fun personality and unique design, and now you can bring some of that magic to your breakfast or any meal with this BB-8 waffle maker.

This geeky appliance will add the perfect amount of Star Wars to your dish. It has non-stick cooking plates featuring the droid’s design and creates 5" across x 6 3/4" tall waffles. There’s a convenient on-and-off switch as well as an indicator light that will tell you when it’s preheating. The maker isn’t very heavy or large either, so it’s easy to store and move.


I’ve owned the waffle maker for a few months, and I love how easy it is to use. It doesn’t take too long to heat up, and you can clean it quickly and easily, too. My one wish is that it made more than one waffle at a time. If it’s just me, waiting for waffles isn’t a big deal, but when I’ve used it to make waffles for family and friends it can sometimes take a long time to make enough so we can all sit together and enjoy a geeky meal. The waffles take a bit longer to make than stated in the directions as well, although that might depend on how you prefer your waffles. I like mine to be golden and crisp, and have found it takes about five to nine minutes at first to get waffles this way; however, once it’s been on for a while, this time decreases to closer to just five to seven minutes.

Everyone always enjoys the added geeky element when I make these waffles, though, so it’s definitely a device Star Wars fans should check out. Overall it works really well, creates the perfect BB-8 shape, and is just a lot of fun to use!

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