Stuff We Love: Mass Effect 3’s fan service-filled Citadel DLC

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Jun 30, 2017, 10:40 PM EDT

While I anxiously wait for confirmation of whether there will be any story-focused downloadable content released for Mass Effect: Andromeda, I’ve been thinking a lot about the DLC released for the original trilogy lately. In particular, this train of thought has me thinking about the last Mass Effect 3 DLC, Citadel, and how much I really love what it offers fans of the series!

Citadel is set to take place before the end of the game, but honestly it feels like the real, proper way to say goodbye to the beloved trilogy. The additional content centers around Shepard and her companions taking some shore leave on the Citadel so the Normandy can be repaired. Admiral David Anderson gives Shepard his apartment on the station, and this becomes your base of operations for mission planning and partying through the DLC. The plot is slightly ridiculous, and there is a lot of fan service from start to finish, but all of that is what makes Citadel so much fun! Almost all your companions from the trilogy show up at some point, not only to help you on your quest to keep a clone from taking your place, but to just catch up and hang out too. The new areas you get to explore on the Citadel are an interesting and a fun expansion of what we've already seen, showing more of what people get up to on the station. Throughout the DLC, there are jokes and references that will make fans of the series smile, laugh and maybe even tear up a bit.

My favorite parts feature Shepard’s companions. From the first time a companion shows up to help you on the mission, to the heart-to-heart conversations you have with them when you hang out one on one, those moments make the DLC truly special. I laughed hearing my companions banter as they fought together, loved dancing with Garrus on a date and couldn’t stop smiling after talking to Grunt about his antics. The whole Citadel DLC felt like the perfect opportunity to spend some final time with these characters we’d come to know, care about and connect with over the years. It let us enjoy one last final hurrah with them before the door was closed on the trilogy for good.

Citadel captures everything there is to love about the Mass Effect trilogy, and for me, continues to be a DLC I replay whenever I feel nostalgic for the series. After all, as Shepard states at the end of the DLC, it really was the best ride.