Stuff We Love: When food and fandom collide on the Nerdy Nummies baking show

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May 16, 2017

You can combine your love for a fandom with your love for creating sweet treats with YouTube cooking show Nerdy Nummies. Rosanna Pansino is the baking mastermind behind the program, which features Pansino creating different geeky goodies in each video.

The types of food and what they’re inspired by varies. Pansino makes everything from cookies and cakes to pizza and pancakes. She draws inspiration from a wide range of areas, like comic books, science fiction, technology, video games and more. She’s made an impressive number of creations that are sure to make you eager to test your skills. Whether it’s her Spider-Man candy apples, Game of Thrones direwolf bread, motherboard cake or BioShock Salty’s potato chips; once you see these it’ll be hard to resist the urge to give them a try! Pansino also makes it easy to follow along as she makes her recipes, walking you through and showing you the ingredients you’ll need as well as listing them in the video’s description.

The YouTube show isn’t the only way Nerdy Nummies can help you get geeky in the kitchen either. The host released a Nerdy Nummies cookbook and will soon have a baking line as well. Even if you don’t want to or like to bake, it’s fun just to watch Pansino bring these amazing geeky foods to life!

You can check out all of Pansino's Nerdy Nummies videos on her YouTube channel.

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