Stuff We Love: Your Star Wars cosplay is now complete, thanks to Po-Zu shoes

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Mar 29, 2018, 12:58 PM EDT

Cosplayers without hand-eye coordination can always find friends, family, and costumers to help us create a head-to-toe ensemble. But unless you happen to know a shoemaker — or you don’t mind putting in tedious hours embellishing your boots — your ensemble will be head-to-just-below-the-knee. Star Wars cosplayers, however, have a solution to a lack of screen-accurate, off-the-shelf footwear.

Po-Zu’s shoes are everything your feet need to create a Rey, Finn, or Poe look for your next convention... or for your next Resistance. Po-Zu also sells First Order footwear for men, women, and younglings who like to take a walk on the Dark Side.

The Rey shoes are made with tweed, cork, and coconut fiber, and they’re comfortable as hell. The fabric has a slipper-like feel, which is a zillion times more comfy than your typical boots. The grip on the soles is good enough to outrun the wildest Rathtar without slipping. Best of all, they’re stylish enough to be worn on the streets or even a Canto Bight casino. (Careful, they’re not waterproof.)

Sadly, I can’t attest to the wearability of the men’s shoes, but they look finntastic.

Other Star Wars shoes by Po-Zu include a fuzzy Chewbacca boot for women and a Death Star schematic high-top for men. Unisex shoe designs include Resistance high-tops and Porg sneakers. Porg sneakers, people.


Of course, if you’d rather do it yourself, there’s always this painstaking shoe tutorial by Naoko Cosplay. Sadly, I lack the skill and the patience required to repurpose my boots. Thanks to Po-Zu, I can get what I need for 190 galactic credits. 

In short, these shoes don't make me feel like I'm one with the Force (and the fact that I lack skill and patience makes me fear for my status at the Jedi Academy). But they do make me feel like I'm one with the spot-on Rey cosplay. 

(Note: Po-Zu is a U.K. company, which means the shoes come in European sizing. Don’t know your Euro-size? The site has measuring tips.)