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Stuff We Love: Regal Robot takes your space to outer space

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Jul 25, 2018, 2:27 PM EDT (Updated)

When you’re a hardcore Star Wars fan, there comes a point when posters and action figures and rare cereal boxes from the ‘70s are not enough. This is the point when you need a Dewlap sofa.

Please note: No Dewlaps were harmed in the making of this sofa.

Regal Robot does Star Wars as if you lived in a galaxy far, far away—as in using Han Solo in Carbonite for your coffee table and procuring Emperor Palpatine’s throne for your own kingdom.

What is really out of this world about this company is that you can request your own custom furniture, which they will then create as official Lucasfilm pieces for your starship. So if you’re less into Han and more into a Sarlacc Pit coffee table, you can actually make that happen.

Maybe you’re not into coffee tables. Maybe you’d rather have your desk look like the Imperial bunker on Endor, or transform your entire living room into the Mos Eisley cantina with an entire cantina furniture set that looks like you smuggled half the place out in your spacecraft (Mandalorian skulls and Carbonite plaque in the background available separately).

These concepts haven’t been fully realized yet, but if you submit a custom request, they can go from outer space to your living space, just like that Dewlap.

And these Millennium Falcon stools...

And this Chewbacca Bowcaster door handle...

Star Wars isn’t the only fandom that Regal Robot can make a 3D reality. With the recent stampede of dino-themed merch that stormed in with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, of course they had to create this enormous fossilized T-Rex footprint that you can hang on your wall.

In case you want the actual T-Rex foot for your wastebasket or umbrella-holding needs, they have that too.

For anyone ready to go full-on John Hammond, you can request this custom creation, which would have made the fictional founder of Jurassic Park drop that iconic cane of his.

What sort of creation do you fantasize about commissioning? If I inherited Hammond’s fortune, that dinosaur foot would be my desk chair.

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