Stuff We Love: Reliving Harry Potter through Hufflepuffs in the hilarious off-Broadway play Puffs

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Jul 11, 2017

What were the other students at Hogwarts up to during the Harry Potter series? We know little about what life was like personally for many of the others at the school during the time Potter was having adventures and saving everyone with his friends. Fortunately, there’s a play that can help answer this question: Puffs, or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic.

The description for the off-Broadway play begins by saying “some people are born to do great things. Some people change the world. Some people rise from humble beginnings to beat back the forces of darkness in the face of insurmountable odds. This is the story of the people who sit next to those people in class.” That's who this play focuses on. Puffs puts you on the sidelines of the adventures we all read about in the Harry Potter series along with the wizard Wayne and his fellow Puffs. Yes, those Hufflepuffs who have historically not received quite as much love as the other houses are the ones to take the spotlight here as Wayne and the others attend a certain school at the same time as a certain Boy Who Lived. The play follows what they go through and the experiences they have as a famous trio are off being heroes! Wayne himself is part of a unique trio that’s fun to follow through these years, and of course, since they’re Puffs, Cedric Diggory makes an appearance to rally the spirits of those in his house every now and then, too.


To say Puffs is a lot of fun just might be an understatement. There are a lot of great references to familiar events along with more well-known characters popping up every once in a while, in unique forms that will make Harry Potter fans smile. However, you also really come to care for these new characters, who are just trying to live their lives through the series’ tumultuous events! You’ll laugh a lot, but the show has its heartfelt and slightly serious moments too. After all, bad things happened to those attending Hogwarts during this time frame. While we know the impact on Potter and his friends, what did that mean for everyone else at the school?

Puffs is a show I’ve been recommending to people ever since I saw it. You’ll find yourself laughing almost every minute, remembering why you love this series so much, and maybe thinking about Hufflepuffs in a whole new light! It’s the perfect antidote for those Harry Potter fans craving a return to the wizarding world.

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