Stuff We Love: Rocket into space with the otherworldly art of Annisa Tiara Utami

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Apr 3, 2018

Have you ever wanted your place to be a little more… out there?

When I say “out there,” I mean it literally, as in planets orbiting your bedroom and a rug that is the solar system.

If you were one of those teenagers who stuck glow-in-the-dark stars and planets all over your walls, or wanted to but weren’t allowed to ruin the paint, you’re going to need everything space-related that Indonesian artist Annisa Tiara Utami has brought down to Earth.

Self-described as floating somewhere between minimalism and fantasy, Utami started out studying economics until the gravitational forces of the art and design universe pulled her into orbit.


Credit: Annisa Tiara Utami

While she does dream up other surreal scenes, such as a hot air balloons drifting over watercolor mountains or some not-so-scary monsters under the bed, Utami’s fascination with space is evident in much of her work. Think a girl dancing on the rings of Saturn or an astronaut gazing at a distant planet from what she imagines as an alien wasteland.

Want an astronaut’s view of the moon? You don’t have to risk breathing in potentially lethal moon dust to hang up Long Way Home, which is how Utami envisions an astronaut gazing at Earth from its satellite. Sunrise on Saturn shows us a point of view only Cassini could possibly have had from the gas planet that no human boots could ever walk on. Even her paintings, which are more down to Earth, still have an otherworldly element about them. Northern lights, a double moonrise, and shooting stars viewed from the roof are just some ways that the Earth meets the sky.


My personal favorite? A View From Enceladus, because until someone actually sends a spacecraft out there to transmit photos back to the home planet (and it looks like they might), this is the only way you’re going to get a view from Enceladus.

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