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Stuff We Love: 'Roll a D6' music video will make you want to play Dungeons & Dragons immediately

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May 7, 2018, 2:30 PM EDT

YouTube recommends all sorts of clips for me, and rarely do I click on them; I still live in regret after clicking on a link that led me to "Two Girls, One Cup." (Thanks, dude who created that link. Thank you to hell.) But recently I saw the title for a video "Roll a D6." Of course, I had to watch it because I love the art and science of dice.

Praise be Gary Gygax that I did, but this one was a match made in algorithmic heaven.

This video, by YouTuber SirConnorAnderson, starts off with a college student painfully failing to explain why she can’t go to a party on a Friday night. Then it turns into an evening in the life of a Dungeons & Dragons game. Ah, sweet memories of pounding bottles of Coke while determining sneak attacks and which creature I could polymorph into. If there is one regret about adulthood I have, it’s the fact that I currently don’t have time for a D&D campaign. But I can remember those fabulous days, thanks to videos like this.

Lyrics include:

In the basement rollin' dice, I'm a wizard

When we play, we do it right, candles flicker

Fighting dragons in my mind, just for kicks

DM says you're gonna die, roll a D6

It had me with "DM says you’re gonna die, roll a D6." In my youth, I had a particularly bloodthirsty dungeon master. Rolling dice of all sizes/pain levels is as familiar to me as being pecked to death by an owlbear.

As the song progresses, we get to see the game in their imaginations, which takes place in a forest with enemies who are fast with a sword and light on their feet. The video even has special effects — including a fire-breathing dragon.

Thanks to commenters who pointed out that the "Roll a D6" was based on "Like a G6" by Far East Movement, as I’m not cool enough to have known that myself. I then watched "Like a G6," and I thought it was catchy and danceable...

... but obviously "Roll a D6" is a better song and video. After all, it shows a table full of nerdy folk spending the night with one of the most creative, fun, and engaging games ever created. This makes it superior by every metric I have.

The fact that YouTube was able to recommend a terrific music video, though, gives me the uneasy feeling that I’m being tracked. Gee, it’s a good thing that targeting ads and messages aren’t used for nefarious purposes. That would be disastrous in the wrong hands.