Stuff We Love: Shin Godzilla just mutated into a creepy-cute chibi

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Apr 11, 2017, 9:50 PM EDT

If there was ever a way to make the most terrifying kaiju in existence quasi-cute, Japanese collectibles company X-Plus has just done it with a Shin Godzilla tchotchke that cannot be unseen.

While no one knows whether they had to use a coagulating agent on Godzilla to freeze the thing before shrinking it from the size of a skyscraper into a chibi version that stands just over 5” tall, it stomps straight off the big screen and onto your shelf. It has all the horrifying presence of the original movie monster in its fourth form (that scene when it ransacks Tokyo like a walking apocalypse), from the dagger teeth and dorsal fins, down to the ripped reptilian physique and that terrifying tail that almost laughs with a gaping mouth of its own.

X-Plus is using this lab experiment to launch their DefoReal series, a new brood of sci-fi figures made in the “Super Deformed” (SD) style. Think enormous heads sitting on squat bodies with serious T-rex arm syndrome. They’ve taken this warped version of Godzilla to the edge of flame-spewing, city-smashing realness. The blood and fire painted onto every scale and scar is just epic. This mutant might have taken a second radioactive bath, because it’s even more terrifying when you consider that all the intrinsic evil contained in those beady eyes is now magnified by its grossly oversized head. It’s insanely kowai—injected with a warped kawaii gene.

Even better? X-Plus isn’t making this a Shounen Ric super exclusive, like it’s done with other figures in the past. Chibi Godzilla will asexually reproduce itself enough times to take over online retailers like Big Bad Toy Store, where you can also encounter creatures from the company’s (almost) equally terrifying Pacific Rim Daikaiju series.

For $69.99, you can now have the King of the Big-Headed Monsters scare the living daylights out of all your Funko figures.