Stuff We Love: Spoonflower is a cosplayer/geek clothier's new best friend

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Mar 23, 2018, 4:32 PM EDT

Cool geeky clothes are easier to find than ever before — if your body size is average or even extra large. But since bodies come in all heights and widths, the only way to get what we really want is to either make it ourselves, to cajole a clothes-making buddy, or to pay a professional to make us look geektastic. 

You need a stand-out fabric that lets everyone at your local convention or comic store know that you’re not just an ordinary geek: You’re an extraordinary one.

Enter Spoonflower — the piece of your geeky clothing puzzle you didn't know was missing.

Spoonflower is an online fabric retailer that lets you design your own print. Create a Doctor Who print. Or Harry Potter. Or Star Trek. Or your own wacky alien design. As long as the artwork is your own, and you’re careful not to run afoul of copyright issues, this fabric will help you create a splash. 

Oh, and if someone else purchases a fabric based on your design, you get 10 percent of the purchase price — 11 percent or more, if your work sells more than $10,000 per month. Don’t feel that creative? Purchase a pattern someone else has designed. 

Before you plunk down your money, be aware that different fabrics have different properties (stretchy or non-stretchy; lightweight or heavy), so it’s best to purchase a test swatch. That’s $5 right there.

This fabric isn’t just for cosplay or clothes with geek flair. Use your print in your throw pillows, your bedspreads, your awesome pet costumes. Plus, your print isn’t limited to fabric. Your design can become your next neat giftwrap. Or even wallpaper. 

My favorite fabrics are the ones that are subtly geeky and don’t look out of place at an office or on the streets. This above fabric, created by maker Jennara, may not look like any particular design. Actually, it's a fantastic take on the material Katniss Everdeen wore in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

That means if you wear it, only you and your fannish friends will know you're cosplaying in public. That's just pure fabulousness.

Other fabrics include: 

A print similar to the one worn by Tali in the Mass Effect videogame series, by ElectroGiraffe


Weeping Angels buried in a toile de jouy by Debi Birkin

And this highly unsubtle yet absolutely amazing print by Leslie Stevenson: