Stuff We Love: Star Wars: The Last Jedi limited edition ice cream is strong in the Force of temptation

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Dec 15, 2017

If you can’t use the Force to summon a pint of sweet, creamy deliciousness to you in the middle of the night (when you know you need it most), the next best thing you can do is send for the Millennium Falcon to fly Ample Hill Creamery’s limited-edition The Last Jedi flavors right to your door.

Of course, they don’t really use an X-Wing, but they should, because the flavors are out of this world. Even the most ascetic Jedi masters would bend for a spoonful before pretending they didn’t just didn’t drip chocolate on their robes.

As if the original Light Side and Dark Side flavors that fell out of space with The Force Awakens in 2015 didn’t induce enough cravings with things like marshmallow ice cream, mysterious crispy meteors and flecks of cocoa crisp stardust (The Light Side) and a dark chasm of chocolate ice cream and espresso fudge brownie chunks with a twinkle of white chocolate pearls (The Dark Side), the new trio of flavors celebrating the latest adventure in the Star Wars saga promise to be even more tempting—if that’s even possible.


The Force, in ice cream form. Credit: Ample Hills Creamery


Even Disney CEO Bob Iger was sucked into the Dark Side when he ordered a few pints of Ample Hills ice cream online and was instantly obsessed. When Iger reached across many light-years to Ample Hills owner Brian Smith, Smith knew Star Wars would be the ultimate collab. Before a droid could beep or boop, Lucasfilm and then-director J.J. Abrams were getting unnaturally excited at the prospect of out-of-this-world ice cream.

If you think the pull of The Light Side or The Dark Side is already strong enough to lure you to the fridge at some unearthly hour, you obviously haven’t joined the First Order or the Resistance yet. First Order is a salted dark chocolate deep as space itself, made with the dark forces of intense cocoa, bittersweet chocolate, and a jolt of espresso. Be a rebel, take up with the Resistance and you’ll get rewarded with brown sugar and vanilla bean ice cream bombarded by—wait for it—ooey gooey red velvet butter cake, shards of buttery toffee pieces, and an asteroid belt of mini marshmallows. The Force brings together the Light and the Dark side in a fusion of sweet cream ice cream and chocolate fudge swirled with a galaxy of white and dark chocolate pearls.


Delivery from Hoth.  Credit: Ample Hills Creamery


You know ice cream frozen in Hoth won’t just come in any ordinary packaging, and you’ll want to keep the commemorative pints long after you’ve raided them at 2 in the morning. They will even arrive in the most awesome box ever. It (both literally and otherwise) doesn’t get much cooler than an X-Wing blasting ice cream cones instead of laser beams.

These are going to vanish faster than a holographic message, so fly your starship over here and have them delivered to your planet. They’ve already blasted off to mine.


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