Stuff We Love: Star Wars Theory helps you really, really think about Star Wars

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Apr 4, 2017

In the summer of 1977, I saw Star Wars forty times. I was small and crafty, so I was able to sneak in to my local cinema more than I paid. I was also obsessed. It’s why I love fandom in general: I get to see people express the same affection in other ways—not just by camping out in theater for hours on end, eating nothing but popcorn. (It was the '70s. We were all free-range kids then.)

When it comes to the Star Wars Theory videos, I’m also a little obsessed. This series breaks down theories and nagging questions into bite-sized chunks of awesome, just for Star Wars fans like me. They're good enough to make you think that you’ve wasted your life on work and relationships, when you could be spending it watching Star Wars, reading Star Wars books, and living on a Star Wars-based commune.

The vlogger (a 26-year-old Canadian, name unknown)’s knowledge is comprehensive. He hasn’t just watched the movies. He references George Lucas’ original screenplays, comic books and books I’ve never heard of, cherry-picking the best details, which means I don’t have to be caught buying a pre-YA book “for my niece.”

Want to know the real reason Anakin killed the younglings? If you think it’s because Anakin wanted to prevent them from returning and seeking justice (not revenge—please, that’s for the Sith), think again. Want to know why Chewbacca's bowcaster didn't kill Kylo Ren? This video does the freakin' math

Also, these videos aren't all-work-and-no-play-makes-Jack-a-dull-Jedi academic. One of the more lighthearted topics is “What if Obi Wan DID Buy the Deathsticks?” which presents an alternative Star Wars universe. A happier one. Without Obi-Wan.

Star Wars Theory is for every fan who ever asked, “How was it that Obi-Wan was able to beat the legs off of Vader?" 

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