Gladiator Hulk from Thor: Ragnarok bust by Stephen Richter

Stuff We Love: Steven Richter’s fandom busts are so real you could swear they breathe

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May 1, 2018, 2:15 PM EDT

Stare into the face of Thanos and tell me his eyes aren't sucking out your soul. If they are, that's because sculptor Steven Richter gets just about as close to bringing inanimate objects to life as someone possibly can short of using magical powers.

Richter's professional work has included everything from restorations of Star Trek, Star Wars, and horror movie costumes to the frighteningly lifelike mannequins to a hyper-realistic coffee table that makes it look like someone smuggled Han Solo to another planet while he was still trapped in Carbonite and put a glass panel over him.

Steven Richter Hulk sculpture

Richter's creations don't stop there. He's done a series of unreal time-lapse videos on his YouTube channel in which his hands appear to be conjuring the Hulk's face (or Two-Face's two faces) out of a lump of clay. As if it isn't awesome enough to watch a shapeless blob transform into gladiator Hulk from Thor: Ragnarok at warp speed, you get to see Richter breathe even more life into the bust. He pours an ooze of liquid vinyl over it that is then peeled off and used to cast Hulk in green liquid plastic. Once he emerges, every detail from eyeballs to warpaint to the grays in his hair goes into that “I want to smash something” growl.

If you thought it wasn't possible for things to get even scarier, Thanos just did. Those eyes aren't Photoshopped as I thought they might have been when I first looked into them and risked losing my soul to the darkness. They are actually electronic eyeballs that glow a spectral blue when switched on.

Chewbacca sculpture by Steven Richter

Richter also does hairier species. You get a rare glimpse into what everyone's favorite Wookiee would look like clean-shaven (spoiler: he looks surprisingly humanoid) before Richter casts him and adds all the follicles that make Chewbacca, well, Chewbacca. He even uses hair tools on him as if this were a salon far, far away. With the time-lapse action, it's kind of looks like a human devolving into a caveman.

What's even cooler is that you can actually own a piece of Richter's imagination. Not Thanos. But close.