Stuff We Love: The “Suicide Mission” music from Mass Effect 2

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Jan 16, 2018, 5:32 PM EST

Ten years ago, the original Mass Effect arrived and kicked off a spectacular RPG video game series that continued to captivate fans in its sequel, Mass Effect 2, released in 2010. There’s a lot I love about the second game in the franchise, but one way it’s always stuck out to me is its music. The soundtracks for all three games are fantastic, yet when it comes to the more action-oriented music in the series there’s one piece in Mass Effect 2 that I think stands out the most: “Suicide Mission.”

“Suicide Mission” was composed by Jack Wall, who previously worked on music for the first game as well. It’s the music you hear towards the end of the game when you’re at the Collector base and embarking on what is, as the song suggests, essentially a suicide mission. Depending on your choices in the rest of the game, you and your squad all risk dying in order to complete the mission. The music is a perfect fit for this. It starts off slow and builds up until it becomes a more energetic piece. “Suicide Mission” captures the drama and gravity of the mission while including heroic beats that get your blood pumping.


An interesting thing about this music is that it sounds quite familiar to another piece I love from a completely different series, too. “Suicide Mission” shares some aspects with the theme for the 11th Doctor on Doctor Who called “I am the Doctor” composed by Murray Gold. It hasn’t gone unnoticed by fans over the years or Wall himself who responded to a question about it in a Reddit AMA. Both were released close together though, so it seems like just a fun coincidence.

"Suicide Mission" is an inspiring track that really gets across the determination of the team and how they are going to stop at nothing to end what the Collectors are up to no matter what it takes. Whenever I need some motivation, this is always at the top of my playlist to get myself moving!