Stuff We Love: The funny, nerdy, and empowering songs created by The Doubleclicks

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Jul 6, 2017, 4:32 PM EDT

There are quite a few gifted nerdy bands out in the world that combine their interests with their musical prowess in fun and unforgettable ways. One of the best of the bunch in my opinion is The Doubleclicks, a group comprised of two sisters from Portland, Oregon, who write and perform incredible geek-inspired songs.

Aubrey and Angela Webber started The Doubleclicks in 2011 and since then have released four albums, along with other releases. They’ve sung about Agent Coulson and C-3PO, created numerous catchy tunes like “Cats at Parties” and “Clever Girl,” and even covered themes for shows like Pokémon and Mystery Science Theater 3000 on cello and cat keyboard! Their music isn’t just fun, it’s also empowering. Take “Nothing to Prove,” for example. Even if you’re not all that familiar with The Doubleclicks, you’ve probably heard of this song! “Nothing to Prove” is about the ridiculous idea of the “fake geek girl,” and its video features many different women celebrating their geekiness and sharing what they’ve faced in the community, as well as geeks sharing messages to everyone out there who may have experienced this or been the one treating others this way.


There’s also “Women Know Math,” a song from their new album Love Problems, which is about being a woman and the messages women often hear in life. The video features the artwork of 50 women and non-binary artists for a truly beautiful and inspiring piece. The duo also recently created a new video for a song they released a few years ago inspired by Wonder Woman, called “Wonder.” They asked people online what their superpower is and what makes them a superhero, and then included them in the video!

This is why I love The Doubleclicks. Their songs have everything you could be looking for. They’re not just fun or geeky or inspiring. Their music is often all of that, making them a unique band everyone should check out!