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The Gorgonist

Stuff We Love: The Gorgonist’s monstrous, nerdy, and charming art

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Mar 25, 2021, 7:00 PM EDT (Updated)

There are a lot of talented artists out there creating nerdy pieces that can add a bit of geekiness to your home, but one of my favorite illustrators is The Gorgonist. Looking through the art of The Gorgonist, it won’t take you long to conclude that her style is like no other!

Illustrator Robin Kaplan is the brilliant creator behind these works, which are described as “Monstrously Charming Illustration.” The subjects of her art come from a range of inspiration. Science fiction, fantasy, video games, literature, and more are interpreted in beautiful, stunning pieces. She really covers a wonderful range of areas, and you’ll be able to find Doctor Who, Steven Universe, The Wizard of Oz, The Hobbit, The Legend of Zelda, and much more in her work.

The Gorgonist brings all of these different worlds to life in a colorful style. These are truly pieces that you’ll want to have on display for all to see. I speak from experience! While at conventions on the West Coast, I’ve purchased quite a few works by The Gorgonist to hang up in my home.

Some of those pieces are part of a special series she has called Fancy Dress. Kaplan describes the series on Etsy as “art prints inspired by and celebrating both cosplay culture (dressing up as favorite characters—and adapting them—for comic cons) and feminist themes in nerd culture.” I can’t get enough of this series! I have four of these Fancy Dress pieces (two inspired by Star Wars, one inspired by Star Trek, and one inspired by Transformers) prominently on display.

If you want to add some more nerdiness to your space in a wonderfully geeky, charming, and yes, even monstrous way, then you need to pay a visit to the Gorgonist! You can check out her work on Facebook and Etsy.